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Leather booties.

Your leather baby booties are made of soft sheep or goatskin. This skin or leather is durable when it comes to its physical property but, it’s fine and delicate when it comes to its finishing layer. Most of our leathers are aniline which is a natural type of leather with dye only. This leather has no artificial coating to specifically protect the leather from scratching so they need special care and attention to protect them from marking the item. On the other hand, if your booties are made of suede leather then they will handle scratches much better, although they are not as well resistant to dust and dirt. Please follow the instructions below on how to care of the soft leather booties.

Baby products need to be washable. Even though leather products are not generally washed, these particular products, you may wash your baby booties separately with water and organic detergent with a delicate cycle. Do not tumble dry or dry in the sun. To avoid dryness and shrinkage stretch the shoe to its shape when it is nearly dry. Do not wash frequently (recommended once a month). Wear socks to avoid a buildup of dirt inside the shoe.


Knitted products are made of a single yarn inter-looping with each other. Knitting is most delicate and needs more care than any other fabric. They should not be pulled and stretched and any pulled yarn should not be cut, instead it should be pulled through to its previous location. Please follow the below instruction to care for your knitted products.

Use a mesh laundry bag if possible, remember to cold wash with the same color and set the machine to delicate wash, and use organic detergent if there is heavy dirt e.g. “baby poop” the item should be soaked before washing. Do not tumble dry or twist to dry, instead dry in indirect sunlight or open air. Do not wash frequently.


Our t-shirts are made of 100% extra-long cotton fiber, and even though these t-shirts are robustly made to last, every wash will degrade its durability, so wash as infrequently as possible with similar color items and wash inside out. Remove stains immediately. Wash gently with cold water and dry inside out. Remember to use organic detergent. Do not tumble dry, and iron on reverse. Store folded.

organic blanket (Gabi)

Our blankets are made with 100% organic cotton and handwoven in the traditional way using a technique called SHEMENA and the final fabric is called GABI. These delicate blankets improve in density and whiteness with every wash but proper care instruction must be followed in order to not damage the fabric and its structure. Wash only with a delicate cycle in cold water using organic detergent.  Do not add fabric softeners. Always wash with the same color. Tumble, air, or sun dry will all work fine.

Water is precious, only wash your garment when necessary

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